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My kids love these, they think these are really cool and like showing them off at school. The slim snacks are super easy for them to make freezer pops. I really like them for lunch boxes because we rarely use baggies, plastic containers are sometimes difficult to squeeze all in. I would definitely recommend to anyone!
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M. Butcher

We purchased these because I'm a huge smoothie fan and regular straws buckle under the pressure. These work great and are durable enough to withstand the gnawing treatment that my 4-year old son wreaks upon them. The fact that I can pull them apart for cleaning is a huge bonus, but they are designed such that they don't pull apart too easily. Great product!
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Lee W

This cap works perfectly on my Ninja Blender single serve blender cups - which is perfect for smoothies. They also fit almost any other size of cup/glass and even some coffee cups. They seal very well, and without the straw in it, the cup can tip over and be almost 100% leak proof. Any straw will work, but the Silicone ones by this company are the best straws ever - and save the environment.
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I work 1 full time job, one part time job and attend graduate school. A Gourmet meal for me during school is drive thru at McDonalds. These little gems are fantastic. I have purchased four sets (total of 12 tubes) I fill them up with nuts, granola, soup starter, freeze dried cranberries, raisins, bananas, mango slices, I fill a tube with peanut butter and put celery slices in another tube. I have taken them for hiking and camping. You would not believe how incredibly handy they are to keep sugar, cocoas, coffee, seasonings and batteries. Going kayaking? Fill one with matches, ropes, those small tiny things that you need that you do not want to douse in the water. Put your keys in one and they are dry and ready for use after the trip when you dock. I cannot say enough about this product. It is wonderful.
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Holly J

I started looking up to use drinking straws to avoid teeth stains. Bought these after researching for a while, pretty pricey but I understand because these straws are very durable. I can bend them so much, and they still retain their shape. You can drink hot, cold drinks with these without having to worry about it being melted to make you sick in the long run like plastic chemicals. Very easy to clean, just make sure to wash them at least within 24hr of whatever thick, sweet drinks you are sipping with. You don't want to stand in the sink washing a straw for 5min or more then a minute. They have great drinkability, you can drink anything with these. Except tapioca drinks, final words these things can take a biting for sure. If you are a chewer of straws, this will last you a long time.
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Christopher L

Be Proud Of Your Small Steps. They Matter.

By choosing reusable products you are not only lessening the waste, you are choosing to put something home made in your body. You're trying. Leaning in the right direction. Keep on.